Congratulations to the 2017 National Academic Battery Exam Champions!
Middle School: Shiva Oswal, Team Pi-oneers, CA
Elementary: Lukas Koutsoukos, Middlebrook Middle School, CT
Open: Jennifer Farra, IL

Full results are available here.

A copy of the 2017 National Academic Battery Exam is available here for download along with its answer key:
2017 National Academic Battery Exam
2017 National Academic Battery Exam – ANSWER KEY

Further Details
At the 2017 USABB National Championships, we offered the National Academic Battery Exam, as an additional competition. The National Academic Battery Exam will not be offered in 2018 or in subsequent years, however.

The Battery is a way for students to test their knowledge of a wide range of academic subjects in a 200 question multiple choice exam. We offered an Elementary Division for students in 6th grade and younger, and a Middle School Division for 7th and 8th graders. The Battery, however, was also open to older students and adults, who competed in the Open Division.
The primary focus is on topics accessible to middle school students. However, to effectively differentiate among the top students, some questions were more challenging.

Correct answers were worth 2 points, blank answers were worth 0 points, and incorrect answers were worth -1 point. The Battery covered the following topics:

40 Science and Mathematics (10 biology and human health and anatomy, 8 chemistry, 6 physics, 6 earth science and astronomy, 10 mathematics – note: the math questions are theoretical and not computational)

40 History (15 US history, 4 Ancient Western and Middle East, 8 Medieval and Modern Europe, 4 Americas,  3 Africa, 5 Asia, 1 Australia and Oceania)

40 Literature and Language Arts (8 Young Adult Literature, 10 other American literature, 12 other world literature, 8 grammar, 2 languages and linguistics)

20 Arts and Media (5 classical music, 3 20th century popular music, 6 visual arts, 2 theatre and dance, 2 film, 1 television, 1 internet)

20 Religion, Mythology, Philosophy (10 religion, 5 Grec0-Roman mythology, 2 other mythology, 3 philosophy)

15 Geography (5 US, 2 Americas, 2 Europe, 3 Asia, 1 Africa, 2 any)

15 Other Social Science (2 psychology, 2 anthropology and sociology, 4 law, government, and politics, 3 economics and business, 4 current events)

5 Popular Culture (significant developments in global popular culture over the past 30 years; less so ephemeral things)

5 Cross-Disciplinary or Any