2020 International Academic Competitions – Middle School & Elementary School National Championships

A total of $20,000 worth of prizes will be on offer at the 2020 IAC Middle School and Elementary School National Championships! Click here to download a file showing how these prizes are allocated. 

Costs of Individual Events
$140 – National History Bee
$140 – National Science Bee
$125 – US Academic Bee
$85 – US Geography Championships (overlaps with National Humanities Bee; a student can’t compete in both)
$85 – International Geography Bee
$55 – National Humanities Bee (overlaps with US Geography Championships; a student can’t compete in both)
$20 – Any one of the 6 history (Women’s History, African-American History, Latin American History, Asian History, Military History, and Historical Geography) or 3 science (Biology, Earth Science, Ecology and Environmental Science) exams on offer

Costs of Team Events
$460 – National History Bowl – (6 rounds guaranteed) – team of at least 3 players *
$360 – National History Bowl – 2 person team
$260 – National History Bowl – solo student team
$520 – US Academic Bowl – (8 rounds guaranteed) – team of at least 3 players *
$420 – US Academic Bowl – 2 person team
$320 – US Academic Bowl – solo student team

* There are no caps on the sizes of teams at Nationals, but of course no more than four students can play at any given time on a team. Teams may carry as many substitute players as they wish.

No discounts are available for bringing buzzers. If your school is interested in providing experienced coaches as readers at Nationals, please contact david@iacompetitions.com to inquire about possible reader discounts, which will be handled on a case by case basis.