2020 National Humanities Bee Details
The 2020 National Humanities Bee is open to any student who is competing in any of the other six events (i.e. National History Bee, National History Bowl, National Science Bee, International Geography Bee, US Academic Bee, US Academic Bowl) which are being contested that weekend. Note that the National Humanities Bee overlaps with the US Geography Championships, so students competing in that event cannot also take part in the National Humanities Bee. The preliminary rounds of the National Humanities Bee will take place on June 12 and the final round will take place on the evening of June 13. The cost is $55.

Please click here for a link to the Official Rules File.

Past questions used at the National Humanities Bee National Championships are available here:

2019 National Humanities Bee Questions

2018 National Humanities Bee Questions

2017 National Humanities Bee Questions

2016 National Humanities Bee Questions

Question Content
All questions in the National Humanities Bee will take the format of tossup (i.e. buzzer-based questions of short paragraph length progressing from harder to easier information) questions in the manner of US Academic Bee and Bowl questions with a humanities focus. Topics will cover literature, art history and technique, music history and theory, dance, film, religion, mythology, and philosophy. See also the questions used in past years which are found through the links listed above on this page! The file listed here has a full question distribution to help guide students in their preparation:

National Humanities Bee Question Distribution

Tournament Format
All students will play 3 preliminary rounds of 35 questions each. After the 3 preliminary rounds, the top students will advance to the playoffs. The playoffs will not overlap with any US Academic Bee or Bowl matches, or any geography or history events. The rules of play will be identical to the US Academic Bee rules in effect for the National Championships.

Past Results

Congratulations to the 2019 National Humanities Bee National Champions!
8th Grade Division: Owen Farra, Team STL Patriots, St. Louis, MO
7th Grade Division: Rohan Ganeshan, Quest Academy, Palatine, IL
6th Grade Division: Arin Parsa, Challenger Almaden, San Jose, CA
Elementary School Division: Mary Mantel, Saint Agnes School, St. Paul, MN

Full results from the 2019 National Humanities Bee are available through the link here.
Full results from the 2018 National Humanities Bee are available through the link here.
Full results from the 2017 National Humanities Bee are available through the link here.