USABB’s question writing philosophy is simple- we aim to reward students for being well-rounded scholars whose intellectual curiosity drives them towards excellence inside and outside the classroom. A USABB round will test students’ knowledge and understanding of everything from literature and the arts, to math and science, to religion, geography, history, and beyond. The questions allow players to display the results of their practice and study; each tossup question includes several levels of clues progressing from difficult to easy, and each bonus and lightning round provides differentiated answers testing both basic and advanced concepts.

Our questions are produced by trained and experienced writers and go through two levels of editing and playtesting before being used in competition. We focus on topics that are familiar to the broad population of elementary and middle school students, so that a competitive game can be enjoyed by 8th graders preparing for Nationals as well as by 5th graders preparing for their first tournament. Our aim is to encourage comprehensive understanding of question subjects appropriate for students in these age groups, and to produce an enjoyable tournament experience for novice and experienced players alike.