US Academic Bowl

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The US Academic Bowl is an all-subject buzzer-based academic quiz competition for Middle School and Elementary-aged quiz bowl teams with students in 8th grade and younger throughout the USA. During the 2019-2020 academic year, regional competitions will take place between January and May 2020. These are open to teams of one to six players, including homeschoolers; school approval is not needed. Teams who finish in the top 50% or higher of students at their regional level competition (or at any team-based academic quiz competition using a buzzer system and paragraph length questions) are then welcome to join us for the fourth National Championships of the US Academic Bowl in June, 2020.

Additionally, students who qualify for the National Championships in the Academic Bee who attend Nationals may also form a team of students from the same school or homeschool association.

All Academic Bowl rounds are played with a lockout buzzer system and feature pyramidal-style tossup questions that progress from more obscure to more familiar information. Students ring in when they believe they know the answer; if they are correct, they get points for their team, if not, the other students have a chance to answer. The team that answers the tossup correctly receives a 3-part bonus on the same subject, on which the students can collaborate as a team. Bonus questions missed are turned over to the other team for a chance at “bounceback” points.  In the middle part of each game, teams each select a category on which they hear 6 questions which they must answer within 60 seconds.  Team members collaborate on these questions and do not use their buzzers to answer them. Questions missed here also are then turned over to the other team on the bounceback.

The top teams from the combined preliminary rounds advance to the playoff rounds to determine the champion. Note that Middle School Division teams may have students in 6th grade and younger compete on them, though teams in the Elementary Division must be entirely composed of 6th graders and younger.

Further information on the rules and a sample packet of questions can be found here.