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The US Academic Bee is an all-subject academic quiz competition for individual students in 8th grade and younger throughout the USA. During the 2018-2019 academic year, regional competitions will take place between January and May 2019. These are open to any student, including homeschoolers; school approval is not needed. Students who finish in the top 50% or higher of students at their regional level competition are then welcome to join us for the fourth National Championships of the US Academic Bee in June, 2019. Students can also qualify through participation in an all-subject quiz bowl tournament that maintains individual statistics – further information on these methods is maintained on the Nationals page under the Qualification section.

Note: Beginning with the 2018-2019 school year, many US Academic Bee events are being held in conjunction with the Regional Finals of the National History Bee and the Regional Finals of the National Science Bee. These tournament sites are denoted by a dark blue dot on the map on the USABB homepage (becoming dark green once the tournament site is confirmed). These tournaments are limited to students who have qualified for the Middle School or Elementary School Regional Finals of either the National History Bee or the National Science Bee which are taking place at the same site that day.
To learn about more about how to register for the National History Bee, please see
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All Academic Bee rounds are played with a lockout buzzer system, and feature pyramidal-style questions that progress from more obscure to more familiar information. Students ring in when they believe they know the answer; if they are correct, they get a point, if not, the other students have a chance to answer. The top scoring students from the combined preliminary rounds then advance to the final round to determine the champion. Note that all students in 6th grade and younger are welcome to compete in the Elementary School Division (even if they are already actually in middle school); all 7th and 8th graders compete in the Middle School Division.

Further information on the rules and a sample packet of questions can be found here.