The US Academic Bee and Bowl is reaching out to homeschooled students and their families across the USA throughout the 2019-2020 academic year. We welcome their participation, and hope to see many homeschooled students at our regional and national tournaments!
Homeschoolers may compete in one of four ways as a team in the US Academic Bowl, as explained here:

1. Preexisting homeschool associations may send teams made up of all students in their associations. Associations, however, are limited to 5000 students in grades 1-8; if your association is larger than this, you must “divide and conquer” as per one of the other two strategies discussed below.
2. Homeschoolers may compete with the regular (i.e. non-magnet) public schools within the district the homeschooler lives. Once a student has played with a particular school, however, the student must play all subsequent tournaments for the 2019-2020 academic year with that school unless the student’s family moves during the school year.
3. Homeschoolers may compete with other homeschoolers from the same county (no matter what the population), or with homeschoolers from neighboring counties, as long as all counties border each other contiguously, or are in the same state where the state population is less than 3,000,000. For jurisdictions that do not have counties, contact us for an ad hoc ruling on this question before registering.
4. Homeschoolers may play as a “team” of 1 student, just the same way this is permissible for students in schools. “Teams” of 1 cost $45, not the usual $75. In this case, of course, the question of teammates being from the same association or nearby counties is moot.

Additionally, homeschoolers can certainly compete on an entirely equal footing in the US Academic Bee, as it is an individual-student based event. To determine grade eligibility, if a student is not considered to formally be in a grade, students born on or after October 1, 2007 will be considered to be eligible for the Elementary Division; students born before October 1, 2005 are ineligible to compete. If a student is formally considered to be in a grade, then that grade is what will be used.

For further questions, please contact  Good luck, and we look forward to welcoming many homeschoolers and their teams to our tournaments this year!