For Academic Team / Quiz Bowl Team Coaches
The website here should have all you need to get started! Note that there is no official process of establishing a team as far as we’re concerned – just sign up for a tournament near you if you are interested in competing. If you have further questions, please consult the FAQs page or email

For Students and Parents
Be sure to explore the website and the Training Resources page in particular. If you have an active academic team / quiz bowl team at your school, make sure that your teammates and coaches are aware of upcoming tournaments! If you don’t have a team at your school, consider asking a teacher at your school if they might be willing to coach your team, though if you are unable to find a coach or gain school approval, don’t worry – you can still compete. Just be sure that everyone on your team attends your school, or that you follow the homeschool guidelines if applicable. Be sure to register on time as well!

For Potential Tournament Hosts and Directors (including high school and college teams)
If you are interested in hosting and directing a tournament, please review our hosting guidelines. Email if you are interested in bringing the US Academic Bee and Bowl to your neck of the woods!

For Volunteers
We are always eager to have volunteers assist with reading questions and keeping score at our tournaments, both at the regional and national level! If you are interested in helping out at either, please email In most cases, we are able to cover travel expenses and provide a food allowance.

For Question Writers
If you are interested in writing questions for the US Academic Bee and Bowl, please email us at The rates we offer vary depending on experience and quantity of questions written.